Turku, Finland

Site-specific film installation for Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, through the diversity of rituals and sacred music in Brazil, exploring the forms of expanded cinema. It employs modern cinematic techniques to question our relationship to images and explore the links between images, music and new ritualistic expressions. The film installation, which can be experienced with every cell of the body, is the audiovisual apex. It dives from the jungle to the sea and into the city, guided by the rhythms of the sacred rituals of the shamans, mystics and initiated, from indigenous rites to catholic processions, from psychoactive uses to trance ceremonies. Creating an atmosphere in which spectator are entirely engaged with their bodies, this installation allows a deeper inter-relationship between different ritual traditions, creating a sonic and visual experience with no beginning and no end - a constant loop of healing vibrations; a cinematic experience proposed as a prayer.

15 March – 9 June 2019

Find out more about the multimedia project at : www.hibridos.cc
and Wäinö Aaltonen Museum

Curated by Gina Buenfeld and Terhi Tuomi
Photo by Tiia Suorsa