Petites Planètes is an ongoing project comprised of films, music recordings, cinema performances, immersive installations, and photographic artworks.

An independent production company created by french artists Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon, Collection Petites Planètes' aim is to explore the boundaries between cinema, music, and expanded forms of modern rituals. Our vision moves between the realms of documentary creation, ethnographic research, and filmic experimentation.

In exploring the poetry at heart of personal and collective rituals, we have undertaken filming and expeditions to every continent to collaborate with hundreds of communities around the world.

We believe in a society where local practices are preserved and celebrated, while global identities are merging towards a higher level of consciousness.
We are working towards such an evolution, by bringing people into new forms of relationships with art forms and the sacred, and by diving ourselves into as many trance states.

Our work is shared under a Creative Commons licence, making it available to everybody, acknowledging the fact that we are only bridges between spiritual and material realities and that we are in no way creating from scratch.

Our location is constantly changing, according to the projects we are working on and the encounters we make. We have faith in the impromptu, the accident, the chaos to evolve together. We improvise much of our projects, diving into the unknown following our intuitions and birds singings.

We believe we are all indigenous people whose mission is to take care of everything around us. Everything, all the time.
Life is a constant ritual and all we need is to re-open our eyes to it.

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You can read our latest newsletter March 2022 :

Petites Planètes work has been shown at various museums,
festivals and venues around the world, including:

Festival du court Métrage (Clermont Ferrand, France)
La Station (Paris, France)
Les Nuits des Forêts (Barbizon, France)
Le Consulat (Paris,France)
Monopol (Berlin, Germany)

Teatros del Canal (Madrid, Spain)
MC2 (Grenoble, France)
Centre International des Musiques Nomades (Grenoble)
La Maison des Métallos (Paris, France)
Nyege Nyege (Uganda)
Jumping Frame (Hong Kong)
Geographical Society (Paris, France)
MONOM (Berlin)
Rio Loco (Toulouse, France)
Orangerie theater (Geneva)

Womex (Porto, Portugal)
La Nuit Blanche (Paris, France)
Eurofonik (Nantes, France)
Le Printemps des Poètes (Avignon, France)
La Maison des Métallos (Paris, France)
La Philarmonie (Paris, France)
FID (Marseille, France)

Ground Control (Paris, France)
Museo del carnaval (Barranquilla, Colombia)
Elevate Festival (Graz, Austria)
Institut des Cultures Islam (Paris, France)
Contemporary art center Meet Factory (Prague, Czech)
Monastère de Ségriés (Moustiers, France)
Le Telegraphe (Toulon, France)
Arquipélago, Centro de Artes Contemporâneas (Açores)
Le Consulat (Paris, France)
No Border Festival (Brest, France)
Crystal Bridges Museum (Arkansans, USA)

Rockodromo Festival (Valparaiso, Chile)
Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Submerge Festival (Bristol, England)
Wäinö Aaltonen Museum (Turku, Finland)
CAST (Cornwall, UK)
LightNight (Liverpool, England)
La Voix est Libre (Paris, France)
Jardin de Brantes (Sorgues, France)
World Ayahuasca Conference (Girona, Spain)
Pianeta di e Piante Festival (Piève, Corsica)
Plataforma (Berlin, Germany)
Breaking Convention (London, England)
Les Rencontres Ad-Hoc (Drôme, France)
Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum (Georgia)
Berghain (Berlin, Germany)
Le Guess Who? (Utrecht, Holland)
Fluvial (Valdivia, Chile)
MadeiraDIG (Madeira, Portugal)
CulturGest (Lisbon, Portugal)
GNRation (Braga, Portugal)

MOMA's Doc Fortnight (New York, USA)
Musée des Confluences (Lyon, France)
Mostra do Filme Livre (São Paulo, Brazil)
InEdit (Santiago, Chile)
Mostra do Filme Livre (Brasilia, Brazil)
Censurados Film Festival (Lima, Peru)
Ambulante Film Festival (DF, Mexico)
Zébulon (Los Angeles, USA)
KCUA Gallery (Kyoto, Japan)
Tokyo Art University (Tokyo, Japan)
Beyond Psychedelics Conference (Prague, Czech Republic)
Ruiny Festival (Širkovce, Slovakia)
Officine Grandi Riparazioni (Torino, Italy)
La Loge (Paris, France)
BOOM Festival (Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal)
La Guarimba Film Festival (Amantea, Italy)
PEOPLE Festival (Berlin, Germany)
Wolf Cinema (Berlin, Germany)
Le Consulat (Paris, France)
Elsewhere (New York, USA)
BAM Next Wave (New York, USA)
Pioneer Works (New York, USA)
Rockaway Film Festival (New York, USA)
Ciclo Selvagem (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Mercado Território Criativo (Brasilia, Brazil)

Fès Sacred Music Festival (Fès, Morocco)
La Voix est Libre (Paris, France)
Made In Space (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Röda Sten Konsthall (Goteborg, Sweden)
La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain)
Connolly's (Leap, Ireland)
Pete The Monkey (Saint Aubin, France)
Ezera Skanas (Latvia, Lettonia)
DokuFest (Prizren, Kosovo)
Barbican (London, England)
Mekudeshet Sacred Art Festival (Jerusalem)
Église Saint-Eustache (Paris, France)
Milano Film Festival (Milano, Italy)
Unsound (Krakow, Poland)
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montreal, Canada)
Opus One (Baltimore, USA)
Imagine Science (New York, USA)
Mostra de SP (São Paulo, Brazil)
MIMO Festival (Olinda, Brazil)
IDFA (Amsterdam, Holland)
MUFF (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Day For Night (Houston, USA)
UrbanGuild (Kyoto, Japan)
FoundLand (Tokyo, Japan)

CTM (Berlin, Germany)
La Gaité Lyrique (Paris, France)
Euganea Film Festival (Padova, Italy)
Outernational Days (Bucharest, Romania)
Kometa Festival (Riga, Latvia)
Museu Chacara do Ceu (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Festival Arte Serrinha (Serrinha, Brazil)
Festival Nex (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
KinoBeat (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
roBot Festival (Bologna, Italy)
Michelberger Festival (Berlin, Germany)
Ambulante Festival (Bogota, Colombia)
Terraforma (Milano, Italy)