All the recordings and works produced by Petites Planètes are done in an open-source spirit, in a not-for-profit base . The creative commons licence facilitates the dissemination and sharing of works, while supporting new creative practices in the digital age. This methodology allow us to offer all the films to the people we filmed, who can then use this material to celebrate their cultures.

This entire project is based on a very independent vision of creativity, and therefore we have been able to count on many people along the roads of our planet to help us travel, register, edit, cut and re-cut, and finally open our eyes. The adventure is still going on - not only in terms of recordings, but also for sharing, educating, and perfecting a different approach to reality and consciousness.

How to be at the service of our time, to ensure that our actions are more and more aligned with our deep intentions, to participate in the emergence of a different world, to embody a possible and necessary evolution of Humanity ? Petites Planètes is at the service of this intention, based on people, commitment and sharing.

We would be more than happy to exchange with you on this collection. Please help us spread the word, organize your own screenings, ask us to participate in discussions and debates. We enjoy very much correspondances. We are always open to new ideas, new projects. Do not hesitate to tell us about a forest community here, or some alternatives into autonomous zones. We will visit at some point.

Last, this independent project would not exist without you, without donations. If you feel like it, please support us, so that we can keep going. Your contribution will allows us continue producing new works in open source, while maintaining the website alive for the next years, paying for the Vimeo / Bandcamp / Soundcloud subscriptions and other digital tools we are using to share. Receive all our gratitude for your support !